Welcome to STL CHIEFS:
The Largest Gathering for the Chiefs in STL

It's that time of year Chiefs Fans! Football is back and it's time to watch our favorite team: THE CHIEFS!!! each and every Sunday at Weber's Front Row in Webster Groves. Each week we do our best to bring you the ultimate Chiefs Experience here in the St. Louis area. We have tailgates, get the sound on the loud speakers for the games, play the Chiefs Touchdown song after scores, and fill the place with Red and Gold wearing Chiefs Fans.

This is our 4th year as a group and we are excited to increase our numbers as we continually meet Chiefs Fans here in the St Louis area. If you are a Chiefs fan in the St. Louis area, please feel free to come join our party each and every week. We all know watching the games with others is much better than watching by ourselves. We really have a lot of passionate, diehard, Chiefs fans who show up every week and would love to welcome all who choose the Red and Gold.


Be sure to check out our blog section where you can find updates, information and all things STL CHIEFS!